La Cote d'Or


La Cote d'Or Description

The La Cote d'Or restaurant is located at the 37 rue Thurot, Nuits Saint Georges Côte-d'Or. It serves French and Traditional food. La Cote d'Or is sutiable for groups and wheelchair accessible. For more deatils and orders call La Cote d'Or on 03 80 61 50 22.

La Cote d'Or Phone Number

La Cote d'Or Opening Hours

Mo 12:00-14:00
Tu 12:00-14:00
We 12:00-14:00
Th 12:00-14:00
Fr 12:00-14:00
Sa 12:00-14:00


La Cote d'Or Location

La Cote d'Or Facilities

Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible
Suitable for GroupsSuitable for Groups

La Cote d'Or Website

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La Cote d'Or Cuisine

French , Traditional

La Cote d'Or Address

37 rue Thurot
Nuits Saint Georges , Côte-d'Or , 21700


Côte-d'Or Côאק-ג'Oר 37 قعث Tاعقخف 37 кгу Tргкще Lो Cदूा ्'Oी Nعهفس Sشهىف Gثخقلثس Nгшеы Sфште Gущкпуы Lα Cοτε δ'Oρ Traditional Nहगूे Sोगलू Gादीुाे Nuits Sqint Georges Nีระห Sฟรืะ Gำนพเำห Lש Cםאק ג'Oר La Cote d'Or Nוןאד Sשןמא Gקםרעקד 37 rue Thurot CôะำขกงOพ 37 ीहा Tपहीदू -ึ พีำ T้ีพนะ French Nθιτσ Sαιντ Gεοργεσ Côеу-в'Oк Nuits Saint Georges Lq Cote d'Or Côτε-δ'Oρ Côفث-ي'Oق 37 ρθε Tηθροτ Lฟ Cนะำ กงOพ Lش Cخفث ي'Oق Côूा-्'Oी Lф Cщеу в'Oк 37 רוק Tיורםא "è rue Thurot Côteßd'Or